26 juli 2011

A silver watch is what I like...

First of all I want to introduce you to my new watch I got from my boyfriend,
 still for my birthday!
It took a while untill I received it. But, Oh yeah here it is! I like it a lot!
For the very first time I saw this watch in a skater shop "Bonk" It's a store 
placed in my hometown Breda. It's a very good one. I normally don't come there but my 
boyfriend does sometimes.
He said that they do have awesome watches from this brand Nixon.
For a while I have been looking for the perfect watch. I was still thinking on a silver one
with a coarse appearance and the same time with a kind of a feminine chic twist.
If you know what I mean?
Well may be you do not...:P
After all, I have been in almost every watch store and I have seen many watches
 from Micheal kors to Swatch. But eventually the choice fell on a Nixon watch this time, 
actually for men but, I think it looks good on girls as well.


Watch: Nixon
Feather ring: The darling (amsterdam)
Left ring: was a gift
Bracelets: a H&M necklace I made to a bracelet
Peace bracelet: was a gift
Small orange ring: H&M


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