9 september 2011

Coloured hair do's

www.trendhunter.com; www.heartit.com

Tie dyed hair; dip dyed hair, funky dyed, wild coloured manes, vibrant hair, Model Abbey, Lady Gaga and Lauren Conrad. 
I am thinking of a new hair trend that will appeal to the masses quickly.
I think these hair trends are inspired by punks and alternative people that quite always colour their hair extremely to distinguish itself from the masses. They colour their hair in whatever they like which I couldn't! But they just give a F***. They don't care what other people think! I am always that careful when it comes to changing my hair. Because if my hair doesn't fit in the way I want I don't feel comfortable at all! Like the bad hair days! Damn that's such a pity!! ;P

Now a half year ago after thinking a while I took the step to colour my hair for the very first time, May be you've seen it already in my pictures that I have "dip dyed" it into blond. The blond is under my own hair colour. And now I think it's time to take the second step, to give it a dip dye with a little pony colour, like purple or baby pink. Well let's see! ;)

These pictures of several coloured hairstyles I've found on Heartit and trendhunter.com. And really, they inspire me a lot!

See also the dip dye trend with Lady Gaga and Lauren Conrad's tie dyed hair ! lovely!

www.sugarscape.com; www.thebeautydepartment.com (LC's blog)

P.s Have you noticed my new costumed blog tittle yet? :D isn’t better than before?? I have tried... and tried... and again tried... and now, here it is! I am kind of SO proud of it! ;) hihi!


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  1. Wow I love those hair-looks!!
    I love your blog too and maybe we can follow each other if you like my blog :) And I follow you now :)
    Come round and tell me your opinion!!


  2. I love abbeys colour in her hair!! I wish my hair was long enough!!