27 september 2011

Inspiration: Spring 2012- golden shoes

For many fashionista's all the attention goes to the SS12 Fashionshows at the moment. New York is done, London is done, Milan is done and Paris started Yesterday with the fashion shows.
I all try to follow the shows on the internet on vogue.co.uk and Style.com for example.
There are already so many fashion items of the SS12 collections I only can dream of! So amazing
to see where the designer's inspiration comes from, their work is always such a perfection and well-considered. They are such inspirations to me!

This time I like to pay the attention to the designer Cynthia Rowley who is not so familiar to me, but during watching her show on the internet I was so surprised of her collection. Nice patterns and sometimes rocky and chic with a 'florally' touch and then the golden shoes she used in her collection were constantly attracting my attention. Never thought that I would like the golden details in an outfit. I am a girl who likes silver and wears silver all the time. I always avoid gold in my outfit, just because I think silver suites me better. But Cinthia has inspired me for sure! Definitely golden boots or pumps or on my wish list now! Don't you think it's awesome to wear golden wedges for example with just a simple black skinny jeans? I think it's so cool! OMG! ;)


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Those gold shoes are pretty show stopping...I usually stick with silver as well but have been falling for golds lately.


  2. Amazing shoes!!!