14 oktober 2011

Did you already buy the perfect jacket?

This is a post for my lovely friend "Babsi" from Austria and for all you guys who reading this as well! ;)

One of my best and amazing friends from Austria asked me if I could show here some fall/winter jackets that I think are hot to wear at the moment. I have some inspiration of coats/jackets selected from famous designers, which show their collection on Style.com

 I think it’s hot to wear a faux fur jacket for days when you are sure it is not raining. In Holland it is kind of risky to wear an all over faux fur coat, because of the many rainy days over here! And in Austria I think it’s the snow that will keep you from wearing a faux fur coat! But after all I think it still looks great if you wear a faux fur coat. ;)

The coat that I noticed the most is the poncho! I think it’s really the IT coat for this coming winter. Not really my kind of style but I do think that it must be very warm and really comfortable to wear. The pictures of Alexander Wang are an extreme example of a poncho but the ones on Asos.com are cool to wear! ;)

Acne and Celine
One of my favorite is the long coat from Acne! OMG! If I will find a long coat and If I will have enough money to spend then I would buy me a long coat, for sure. Yep! 

A shorter version will also be oke to wear! ;) I prefer the right one!

The jacket I prefer and which I've already got hanging in my closet, is a short black jacket with a faux fur collar. The ones you see in the pictures are from the designers Alexander Wang and Nicolas K.

To look very cool and stunning you have to wear the boyfriend leather jacket from Acne. I especially like the moss-green color of it!  

      L.A.M.B and Altuzarra 
And the Parka don’t forget! A very comfortable jacket! The one in the left picture is from L.A.M.B, the collection of Gwen Stefani. Really like the shape of this jacket and the olive drap green color of both jackets!

And last but not least. If you don’t always want to wear a jacket then you can wear a cosy knitwear poncho/pullover you see here in the pictures, which is amazing to wear on a nice sunny winter day! Who knows! ;)

HOpE yOU LiKED iT!! ;)

P.s These pictures where just an inspiration and an extreme example of coats & jackets. For example, If you go to Asos.com you will find this kind of jackets that are wearable and not that expensive! ;) 

Big kisses!

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. They are all great, but I like more the ones from Aquascutum!!!!


  2. Hey girly.
    thank you very much for your great posts! I personally very much like the Poncho Style, but am afraid that it might be a little uncomfortable to wear (as your hands are kind of "stuck" in two holes). The Parkers are also very cool, I might get myself one, in that olive colour!
    The faux fear coats are very nice too - but as you said, Austrian winters prob distroy all the look!
    I will also defenitely look for a knitwear pullover - I love oversized stuff, especially in the winther months, were you can hide some extra kilos ;-) *haha*
    Thank you for your effort and inspirations! Next shopping session will be on you, Val!
    xxx babsi

  3. lovely post! i prefer parkas this winter, i boughta really nice one recently.