25 november 2011

Blogging break - Working on my thesis it is...

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You probably think, What does she want with this post?! Well, This is the way I want to tell you that I am really busy at the moment working on my final thesis about Cross channel in the fashion industry! It's just a matter of writing, writing, searching for the right information, taking interviews with experts, writing and writing...
So I won't post a lot on my blog these coming weeks. :(
The first deadline is december 9! and the final deadline january 16! waaah!! Lot of Stress! ;)

In the mean time I will be posting more on the "it's like passion for peanut butter- Facebook" 
I will post EVERYDAY the Item or inspiration of the Day! It's really cool though! ;)
And I will notify you when I am posting a new blogpost of course ;)

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See you there!! ;)


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  1. You really look like you had a lot of things to do for your thesis project. And I do hope you did everything, and went as you want it to be. Writing thesis paper can really be hard, but with dedication and effort, I’m sure everything went well. And you easily pass your defense. Anyway, keep us posted!