31 december 2011

Outfit: Nike Air max

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First of all, I want to say a big HI to my new followers this week! Amazing! I've got 3 more on google connect and 2 on Facebook in 1 day! So cool! :D
And you know what, Wednesday my outfit (click here to see here which outfit) was chosen for "The look of the day" at trendtation.com! That all made my day! Just wanted to say! :D 

Today I want to show you how it's like to wear some classic Nike Air Max to a chic long black coat. 
One thing, wearing those nikes it's like walking through Heaven! haha ;)

I'm wearing:
Long coat - Zara
Legging - H&M
Sneakers - Nike Air Max
Clutch - ASOS
Orange lipstick - M.A.C cosmetics

So, NOw its time to prepare for NYE! I wish you already a Fashionable & a Happy Healthy NEW Year!
HaVe FUN & Take care!

See you next YEAR - xx ;)

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