24 april 2012

Places - Wohnstudio Kleindienst

On Easter I visited my dad in Austria (Village, Eibiswald)! It's always good to be back in a country where you have lived for five years. And it's always great to see your friends again with whom you have spent a lovely time. This post is about the trendiest, cutest and the most unique store where I've lived. Wohnstudio Kleindienst is not only a perfect joinery but they also have handmade self-designed handbags made by the woman herself, Maria Kleindienst. I actually only focussed on those handbags you see in the pictures, because it was more relevant for the blog. But don't forget! They have many many more. Such as tableware, home & garden accessories. If you ever ever ever come to Austria and come along Eibiswald then you better go there! If only that you've seen it once! ;) So cute!

xx-take care!

P.s. A big thanks to the photographer, Anja Senekowitsch! ;) xx

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