6 april 2012

VOGUE Netherlands - April Issue














It's already a few weeks ago that the first VOGUE Netherlands is published for the very first time and the second issue of VOGUE Netherlands will already be in stores soon! But I still want to blog a little something about the Netherlands' first VOGUE ever! I know for sure that many Dutch people/fashionistas already have read it or at least were curious to read it. Because hello?!! It's a VOGUE magazine!! 
It was also me who was curious about this magazine.

VOGUE Netherlands - Editor in Chief, Karin Swerink

 I think that we assume that a VOGUE magazine is always interesting, inspiring and high fashion! But does VOGUE Netherlands meet these expectations of THE Vogue magazines we are used to? 
Hah! Hey one thing! I'm not pretending to be a journalist, because I'm just not! So, don't take it too seriously! ;)
BUT! Just want to share with you my view on the first issue of VOGUE Netherlands. Just because ;) 
And may be I can make you (Dutch or not- Dutch) peepsz curious about this magazine if you haven't read it yet! ;) Because VOGUE Netherlands rocks already with this first Issue! ;)

See below some highlights of VOGUE Netherlands that caught my attention.

1. Love the whole look from head to toe! A mix of Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant. I especially love the white leather backpack of Alexander Wang! Outsch! In my dreams may be ;) - Styling Saskia van Langevelden 
2. Alexander van Slobbe - An interesting article about a Dutch designer's career and success.  
3. Love this shoot! - styling Martien Mellema
4. The world's famous photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. They really inspired me with their work, their view on life and the people. Also totally amazed by one of their most successful work "The kiss" - me kissing Vinoodh (passionately), 1999. Really, the story behind is so beautiful! It really touched me!  :)
5. VOGUE Culture: This article is about the "Museum of the Image" MOTI in my home tome, Breda! I've only been there just once (a long time ago) But they plan to focus more on fashion in future! Can't wait! :)
6. The RODARTE sisters born in "an inspiring place North California" This article is about their career & success so far. They also tell us how they started their own Fashion Label and the funniest thing is that they get most inspired and fascinated by Horror Movies! Very inspiring & fun to read! ;)
7. Beautiful woman, this Dutch actress Tjitske Reidinga. In this interview she tells us about her (private) life, about her success & career so far.
Tjitske Reidinga about the interview: 

"During this whole interview I felt a lump in my throat. It doesn't happen often that somebody Listens to you with full attention. Real attention" - Interview Oscar van den Boogaard and photographed by Marcel van der Vlugt.

xx- take care! 
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