13 mei 2012

New in - Zara blue leather tote bag

I am actually not that typical girl that has TOO many bags and shoes. Let's say I can still count them on one or maybe two hands! ;) Really, but that's it! I don't know if that's a bad or good thing. :P
I'm just very sceptical when it comes to bags...
But then, this Thursday I finally found the right bag for me after months! It's a tote bag! Perfect size, awesome color with a sporty look. Very nice! Never thought I would buy one, because I didn't like the size of THE famous totes from zara in the colors black and camel. If anyone know what I mean?! ;) Well!!! You know I'm just glad I've found this new buddy!! ;)

xx- take care!

Blue leather tote bag - Zara

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