8 juni 2012

Outfit - MERCY inspirations

The outfit! I really got inspired by the video of Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Kanye West - MERCY.
Awesome! hah! Let me say 'Check this shit out'

What I was wearing:
Sleeveless denim jacket - Eleven Paris
Black cardigan - No name (old)
Baggy jeans - Berhska (old)
Belly dance coin belt - No name (very old)
Ankle boots - Nelly

P.s (For the people who like to read)

So, I will tell you..It has been a while since my latest blogpost. May be you noticed or not. The last time it happens more often that I don't blog that much anymore.
You know what, I am at a certain point in my life not knowing what to do with it :P Hah! I've been graduated. I got my bachelor degree's in Fashion Business and I just don't know which way I should take now. At the moment I'm a parttime barista and besides I have this obsessed hobby of mine "blogging" :D

I almost blogged everyday or at least was busy with it everyday. Now I realize that it takes too much time for just doing a hobby. Then last time I asked myself what I really want with this blog? Should I stop or should I go on? Do I want to become a professional blogger or something else with it? Because if I want to make this blog more successful I must take action and certain steps must be made to make this blog more professional. First of all the name of my blog. Is this name still relevant? And lets talk about the quality of my pictures, my english writing skills, the promotion and many more things..Sure! That would be awesome and really want to work on it. Important is I gotta give me some time and maybe I must admit that I need some help/support. I don't know. But that's my problem, the biggest pitfall is me not having enough patience (Crazy!) On the other hand it's also nice just to have your own blog (just having fun). I never considered to stop and there is still that dream to do more with my blog. I just don't know exactly what to do right now. What I do know is that I will slow it down a bit and make no hasty decisions. Blogging will go on but "very often" will turn into "when I feel like".. Instead quantity I will do my best to go for quality ;)

xx- take care

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Don't see blogging as an obligation to us readers/followers but as an representation of your own ideas, creativity, style and vision! It is all about making stuff concrete that is abstract in your head.If you listen to that it will always be an original piece, photo or story we all love to see and read! Hang in there and take your time to find your own story.

    Hou vol vrouwke! X
    moluxious ;)

    1. That's what I actually wanted to express with my writing ;) Thank you, Thank you! I've set too high expectations for myself and I secretly compared myself to others way too much! Then you automatically keep on judging yourself and it's true blogging then becomes almost an obligation. Because you really want to prove something :P That's no good and really not nice ;)
      And yeah I will hold on and I will find my own story! No worries! ;) xx

  2. Wat een leuke post, de fotos zijn mooi en wat een goede tekst.
    Heb precies hetzelfde, kan ook niet wachten om meer dingen met me blog te doen.
    Heb echt geen geduld.
    Ik vind wel dat je blog er al erg proffesioneel uitziet!
    De lay-out is heel duidelijk, vind de kop erg flitsend met de kleuren en vind het wel een leuke naam voor je blog.
    Ook de tabbladen boven in maken alles er straks en netjes.
    Je tekst bij somethings about me is ook erg leuk, vooral omdat het zo persoonlijk is.
    Al met al vind ik echt dat je blog er goed uit ziet!
    Veel proffesioneler dan het mijne hihi en veel andere blogs.
    Dit alles gezegt te hebben kan ik ook niet anders dan je blog volgen en kijken hoe het verder verloopt met je bloggen!
    Fijn weekend,

    xx nonnatiwow.blogspot.com

    PS. I asume you are Dutch and can understand what I wrote, otherwise I'll come back and retype in English

  3. Oh wauw! Wat lief zeg. Dank je dat je ook echt even de tijd hebt genomen mij dit te willen zeggen. Ben ik heel blij mee, kan ik wat mee en waardeer ik enorm! hihi! :)

    p.s Thanks voor het volgen! :D:D