10 maart 2013

Exhibition: Couture Graphique - Aynouk Tan

Finally I went to some Exhibitions. The last time I visited one I don't even remember.
But I'm proud to have seen the following two:
The Couture Graphique in MOTI and Aynouk Tan, in the "Huis voor beeld cultuur" both based in Breda.

You know what, I come from Breda, a small village, which is quite cosy not much going on if you compare it to the biggest cities of Holland, like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
That's why I was really surprised when I read that there were two exhibitions coming soon and that are  related to Fashion, (art) graphic design and social media. A perfect combination if you ask me. 
Please scroll down for some impressions ;)

About the Couture Graphique:
Designers like, Dries van Noten, Paul Smith, Raf Simons, Bas Kosters, Walter van Beirendonck, Issey Miyake, but also (for me) unknown designers like Jacob Kok caught my attention. All brand images that communicate in many ways. It's about the total package and the identity of a brand combined with techniques from the twenty-first century "Graphic design"





How it started:
T-shirts "it's impossible to imagine Fashion without them. They became one of the Symbols of the protest generation". Vivienne Westwood was one of the designers that brought the T-shirt into Fashion. 

"Tailoring meets subculture"
The bomber jacket, the jacket that I will always remember. It's shape and it's image that will last forever.
Raf Simons: "Fashion is about communicating emotions, behaviour and Identity"

This designer, Jacob Kok totally had me! One of his designs of the "Paradise" collection made me want to look at it all the time.
This effect! You may know this three dimensional technique, the so called Lenticular printing from years ago. I remember I had postcards from it. When you move it, it changes from image.

Scroll down for the video's, then you know what I mean ;)

If you talk about brand image, you might also think about the invitations of the new season's catwalk shows. 
You can buy the book with all these Givenchy files. The invitations designed by M/M paris, OMG. I already was obsessed with the invitation of FW12, the one with the horse and the woman with these huge earrings that appears through... Well yeah I just love it ;)

About Aynouk Tan:

Welcome to the world of how Aynouk Tan sees our generation at the moment. 
Celebrities/idols and the digital media as the main characters.
We all live in a digital world that seems real to us. But is this world reality or do we just create our own fantasy?
Do we believe what's on television or what is shared on social media. Do we really like the things that are said to be "rad" because that person with x number of followers is having it (promotes it)?
We easily copying consciously and unconsciously that behaviour that is send through the media in order to impress others...

This exhibition made me think of the situation. And yeah she has made a point. 

My conclusion: It's oke, as long as you are staying true to yourself.


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  1. woww this looks pretty cool and interesting!!! glad you got to visit it ;)