7 augustus 2013

New Obsession - LA Gear Lights

"you gotta own the light if you wanna own the night"

Sneakers I have searched for a long time. I wanted a pair of lights and didn't quit my hunt until I found them.
I did a little online research and th LA GEARS lights caught my immediate attention.

It was not difficult to find them but let me say this, HARD TO GET in the color I wanted and the size I needed.

 "This is pretty serious!"

I know I wore LA gears like 3 years ago. In the 90's especially LA gear "lights" were the "powerful shit" "The upper classes sneakers on the court!" Micheal Jackson's commercial for LA gear, really cool. Nowadays I don't see them on the streets that much. I mean, I don't see the mainstream is wearing them momentarily. Sneakers go and come again, right? Well I think I'm ready again, ready to wear some (LA gear) lights.

"The shoes to be seen in!" ;)

Curious? Stay on track, more coming soon.. ;)



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