12 juli 2011

Some things about me...

Hi there, my name is Valerie and I am a 24 years old Fashion and peanut butter fanatic who lives in Breda, the Netherlands.

What the **** she wants with peanut butter? Well it just tells something about me who I am!
I think it tastes good! So what? Not everyone likes it but some does! It’s just me!
My passion for peanut butter is like my passion for Fashion. That means I have to eat everyday a slice of bread with the best peanut butter ever “CalvĂ© Pindakaas” if I do not; I really miss something that day. The same addicted way of behaviour I have for Fashion as well. Everyday I think of clothing, trends, style & lifestyle, and how to put clothes together so that it looks good on you. Everyday I am consciously and unconsciously searching for inspiration on the internet, the streets, in magazines, from designers and catwalk reports. And last but not least, if my wallet can handle it, I like to shop everyday. But yeah who doesn’t ;)
After all, Fashion means a lot of things for me.

My interest for style, liked to began when I was about 9 years old I guess. For the first time I remember, I was allowed to go shopping together alone with my friend (Cayro, was here name) to the nearest shopping centre. Oh Yeah! 5 minutes walk :p
There was that shoe- store; I can't remember the name anymore. What I do know is that the shoes in that store for my age in generally were very bored in my opinion. But there was that one pair of shoes, just one! which looked a bit of "rock’n rolly"and edgy. They were black and had each two buckles. Yes!!! They are mine! Only mine! I know it for sure! I want them!! From that moment on I know I began creating an opinion to clothes, shoes and so on, what I liked and what I didn’t like.

In the time of middle school I lived for 5 years in Austria. It is a beautiful country with beautiful nature and very nice people. I learned the German language, I made new very great friends and I had to cope with another mentality which is a lot different from the Dutch.
After all I didn’t make it easy at all for me, because of the age of fifteen I guess, haha. My puberty started. I started to provoke with my outfits and dressed my self in the way I liked it.
Later I started to be more and more creative with clothes and I was always searching for the not “too much” commercial Fashion.
Nowadays my interest in fashion is more than ever and it has really become one of my biggest!

Last but not least, what is my reason to finally choose for blogging? Well, I must tell you frankly it took a while for me to choose for stepping into the bloggers world. I waited a while to see which way the cat jumps. I heard of blogs, I saw some blogs and even follow some now. It is very inspiring. I think now the time is right. In February I will graduate from the European Fashion Business School and I don’t know what to do after that :s Great isn’t? :p
What I do know is that my passion is Fashion and blogging will be the ideal way to expand this biggest interest;)

For those who are following me, I have to say to you a big THANK YOU!
It is always fine to see that people show their interest. I really appreciate that.

I hope you will like the blog and have fun!

P.s If you discover some grammatical mistakes? Don't be mad! Everyday I am trying to find and correct them directly! I am still learning ;)
 xx Val ;) 

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  1. Very beautiful: styles, photos, blog!