16 augustus 2011

inspiration - great pieces

Clutch, Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2011 www.style.com

Wedges, Jen Kao Fall/Winter 2011 www.style.com

Bracelet, Pamela Love Fall/Winter 2011 www.style.com
What an amazing items for fall/winter 2011. I have found them on style.com, a website I like to visit regurlarly. The only thing is that I can only dream about them and never will buy them, because they are so freaking expensive!!!! that's why I downloaded this pictures on my blog so that I can watch them daily! haha!
In the first picture you see a clutch form Alexander McQueen. I really like the way you must hold the clutch. As if you are wearing a knuckleduster to arm your fist during a fight ;) Well I think it must be freaking awesome to carry this bag with you!

The second picture gave me the goosebumps for sure!! OMG, those colors of the shoe are just so wonderful and the design so unique. I probably wouldn't be able to walk on these very high wedges, but perhaps in a lower version ;)

The jewel in the last picture is a bracelet from this New York- based Jewellery designer Pamela Love which also designed a collection for Topshop lately :D
I think this bracelet looks very unique because of the carved rock crystals and its colors in every way.

So I will say lets keep on dreaming!! and if you want to leave a comment please do so! I am curious what you think of the items!

Big kisses Val! ;)



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