21 augustus 2011

New accessories


Friday morning 9 O`clock I had to remove my wisdom tooth. And really, Now I have the biggest swollen right cheek ever! It hurts so much and don't know what to do! If it's not good by Tomorrow then I will go back to the surgeon to look if it's not inflamed! :( These are tough days! ;)
I am also still busy for school. Tomorrow I have to hand in my internship report. Don't know how I am solving that problem! I can't leave home If I still have this swollen cheek! :P Well we will see!
But what do makes me happy is that I received new jewellery this week from Asos.com! And I really like to show that to you guys!
I bought this silver colored arm cuff, which I used to wear in former times! haha! I think it's really hot again to wear those arm cuffs to a great outfit, What do you think?
And then this black gothic-like ring, by wearing this ring it looks as if a pair of metal pins pierce right trough the fingers. Bit freaky isn't? Thats just so funny about it! Lets say a kind of Gareth pugh's kind of style? ;) hihi

Well, can't wait till my cheek goes back to normal, so that I can post some outfits again! :)
Enjoy your day!



 Ring: Asos
Arm cuff: Asos


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