10 augustus 2011

The orange fur

Jeremey Scott Fall 2011 rtw-picture from http://www.style.com/

D&G fall 2011 rtw-picture from www.style.com

 Helloww Guys ;)

Sorry for the too late blogpost! I hope you had a nice weekend? Well I did.
It is actually almost weekend again :p hihi! I had this festival-weekend  "SOLAR" in Roermond! 
And really, I am still tired and lazy, because I partied a lot overthere and I hardly slept ;) Oepssz!
Well sometimes it may!! ;)
But now there is work to be done! Next week I will have some tests to do for school and hand in my internship report before the 22nd of august, besides I want to blog, because it has become a new addiction of mine! Well, it's just a matter of good planning these following days and focussing more on my schoolwork.  

This time I want to share you some of my inspiration for Fall 2011!
I spotted the orange fur at the Fall 2011 rtw collection by Jeremy Scott and Dolce&Gabana.
Which collections are very striking and each item is remarkable, both the top/dress/skirt and the accessory.

The orange fur in the pictures look so crazy but so funny! I think it's wearable if you just choose the right items together. 
A couple of weeks ago I bought one orange (fake) fur scarf at Zara! And you really can make funny outfits with it! Curious? hihi! Stay tuned!! I will post an outfit very soon! First I have to focus on my school tests which are next week! That's why I may not post that much, but no worries! I will be back! ;) haha



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