4 augustus 2011

I like it chic-casual as well ;)

Just one more post before I am off for the weekend!

Last week I received my yellow envelope bag which I bought at Asos.com, the online store I really love so much.
The combination white black and yellow I already had a couple of weeks in my mind. But I still couldn't find the perfect yellow bag until I saw this one. :D Happy! haha!
Together with the white/black PUMA sneakers, white top and a long black skirt I felt very comfortable.
Just a bit chic and a bit casual!

Tomorrow I am off to Roermond for the weekend. Solar festival it is! So I won't be able to post something that weekend until Monday:(  There is barely any internet connection and my phone will not have much longer battery those days. That's a kind of typical for a festival-trip and when you are sleeping in a tent! :s hihi

Have a very nice weekend!


And one big up for Mr. the photographer! ;) hihi

Top: HenM
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Puma sneakers
Bag: Asos


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