4 september 2011

Still summer in my mind...

 In the Netherlands we actually don't have a great summer. Spring was actually our summertime. :P Now it’s September and you would  think the Autumn is going to begin. But now there are suddenly days that are surprisingly warm at the moment. Great days for wearing some amazing shorts;). These shorts I am wearing in the pictures are also from the brand Eleven Paris as well as the blouse. What I like the most is that the colours are standing out so much the same does this Mexican-like pattern. I combined it with a cosy cardigan from Elvine, a very sophisticated Swedish brand which distributor is also Maarten Janse, the same distributor for Eleven Paris. Great to wear a cardigan like this when the late evening is going to start! And then this blue sandals. By choosing this outfit I wasn't thinking on those shoes at all! Hihi! So funny, because I actually think they do fit very well! Oh yeah! ;)


Cardigan: Elvine
Blouse: Eleven Paris
Shorts: Eleven Paris
Sandals: Xtrastar (low budget store in breda)

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