3 september 2011

Austria feelings

Back in Holland!

The last few days of my holiday I spend in Austria. My father invited me to come over. He is living there for almost 8 years now. In 2002 he decided to move to Austria to a beautiful place between hills and mountains, a village that only has about 1400 inhabitants. Together with his girlfriend and my brother he is living a lucky and good life. When he made his decision to leave the Netherlands. I had the opportunity staying or moving with him. Well I took the challenge and I finished my secondary school in Austria. About five years I have lived the Austrian way, in a country that has one of the most beautiful natures I have ever known, the freshest air and the clearest drink water I have ever drank. ;)
These pictures are taken at an awesome location in the mountains near the village where I lived. It gives you a typical impression of the Austrian environment. The reason I am wearing this ultra uncomfortable outfit for a day in the mountains is that I just loved the contrast of high heel JC wedges, long skirt, chic top and the Austrian nature. So I wouldn’t wear this during a hike! haha ;)

Hope you like the pictures! :)


P.s I want to thank my best friends in Austria for spending time with me during this spontaneous and quick stay! So happy to have you guys! Take care! XOX

Top: Zara (sale)
Skirt: Zara (sale)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (sale)
Arm cuff: Asos.com
Earrings: The darling (Amsterdam)

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  1. VAAALLL!!! Amazing fotos!!! I love the austrian wood fotos!!! You look fabulous!

  2. Love everything about these photos! The setting, the outfit etc..
    Thanks for visiting my blog