11 december 2011

Inspiration: LONG T-shirts

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ph: longclothing.com, thedailystreet.co.uk, mrtremix.com

 Couldn't find the right T-shirt for a LONG time!
Exactly, the name says it all! I am talking about long t-shirts. 
One that fits all, doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl! 
One that's says less is more, simple prints, geometric shapes in black or white.
One that's cover my butt very well by just wearing leggings
One that will finish my look for the upcoming party 17 december at NOW&WOW? :D
I guess I will need a LONG! ;)

Really, I was just searching on Google a bit. I needed a t-shirt, just simple.
 A t-shirt that's longer than always and which I can combine easily with an allover printed legging or trouser.
Then I certainly came to this website www.longclothing.com
And BAM! That's it! 
It's quite punk with a gothic touch, but you can wear it how ever you like I guess, 
And Yes, I ordered one. I am going to try it! And I am really curious how it will fit meee! exciting! 

Have a nice & LONG sunday evening Boys & Girls! ;) 


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