6 december 2011

Outfits - A quick review of some of my outfits so far...

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I can't say to anyone what kind of style I particularly like. I actually like every style such as sporty, chic, rock, bohemian chic, sophisticated and so on. But not every style will always fit me. It depends on what kind of person what wears, what this person radiates and how someone combines colors and the right materials. You have to figure out for yourself what looks good on you and what doesn't. It's not that easy! Through the years and if I look at all my outfits on my blog so far, I see I create to start more and more my own personal style. 
I always try to give some color to my look. Isn't there a color in my clothes then it will be in my hair, nails or accessory...But! Still can't describe my style exactly! May be the "crazy- valerie- does- not- know-style"
Give me just more time to figure it out! ;) :D 

Oké enough! Now I have to work on my thesis again! :S So BORING! Help!
But it's over pretty soony!! :D

Take care!

p.s. For those who follow me or just visit my blog at the moment! How do you describe my style so far? haha! Just wondering!  ;P hihi


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