5 februari 2012

Jewellery: Indian influences

Hey, still learning for my final exams and really I almost believe I am a hermit! The only thing I'm doing right now is learning for the 4 final exams that decide whether I will succeed or not! Monday it begins! Waah! But hey enough the best thing is I received this indian jewellery today that I bought on ebay! ;)

I got inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel pre fall 2012 collection. Damn he does that so well! His collection was full of indian influences that he literally rocked into high fashion. And really, I believe that many fashionista's are touched by his collection as well. Now my biggest question is... will the world be ready to see this jewellery as an everyday jewel? Well, I am in! I think you can wear this jewellery easily to an everyday outfit! It's a great challenge! ;)

Haven't seen the Chanel Pre-fall 2012 collection yet? Curious? It's a must! click here! ;)

xx- take care!

What I'm wearing:
Sweater - Urban outfitters
Legging - H&M
Jewellery - Bought on ebay.com

4 opmerkingen:

  1. These are beautiful images.. very peaceful and tranquil... the jewelry is amazing!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  2. wow Valerie, these pics are amazing! Really beautiful Jewellery <3

    xoxo Daisy

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  3. wonderful post honey!!! =D
    great style

  4. I love that you interpreted the Chanel inspiration in your own way! I love your jewelry!