10 februari 2012

New in: Zara high heels SS12

What do you think? Should I keep them or should they leave my wardrobe? Hah! Because you won't find any high heels in my wardrobe at all! 
But it's the spring/summer collection of Isabel Marant and Givenchy of course who did change my mind. Also this high heel princess from the blog COTTDS shows you how sexy you can be by wearing one of them. And besides it's true isn't, that every woman has at least one pair of high heels in her closet? The real high heel fashionistas would now think? Huh, one pair only? haH yeah, well may be in future I can't live without them and I'll have many more? Well, we will see! First of all I have to learn to walk on these for more than just 5 minutes only! :P 

P.s Final exams are done. I'm waiting for the grades, next week!
Now there is more time for blogging & I hope to post more outfit posts from now on! :D
Oh yeah can't wait! :D 

xx- take care! 

I'm wearing
 Pants - Vivienne Westwood for LEE
High heels - Zara 

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