1 april 2012

Holidayz - Bright colors

This sweater from H&M. First I wanted to bring back the item, because I wasn't really sure of it! HAH! But then decided to take it on holidays anyway! ;) And actually he did pretty good work right? ;)
This day was the cloudiest day of my stay in Gran Canaria! That meant that it was an awesome day for some PUMA sneakers and this bright dyed colored H&M sweater ;)

Hope you like it!!! :D


What I was wearing
Dyed colored sweater - H&M
Denim shorts - H&M (old)
Puma sneakers - PUMA (old)
Shades - Oakley

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What a fab colours.Thats great that you didn't bring it back. It looks cool on you.

    xoxo Ra

  2. ik heb ook getwijfeld over de trui! dacht dat het toch niet zo mijn ding was, maar hij staat jou wel erg gaaf!

  3. Loving this look!!! Awesome sweater!!! Now following you through Bloglovin :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  4. Cute sweater!