3 april 2012

New Shades

Are you already sunproof? I wasn't after I bought these two honeys for sale! For me it's always so hard to find some shades because of my too narrow shaped face. I already was on the hunt for the cat eyed sunglasses. I tried the extreme version and the version with the big glasses! the small, a bit rounded after all I tried a lot! And actually there was just one that fit me and that I could afford. The better, it was for sale! :D But then! A day later I came across the Oakley Frogskin. Shit! These are great too! Also for sale and they fit me just fine. What to do? Is it too bad to buy two sunglasses at the same time? :D

xx ;)

Cat eye shades - Ralp Lauren
Frogskin shades - Oakley

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  1. Zijn allebei wel gaaf alleen die glazen van oakley zijn het gaafst!



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