14 juli 2011


If you are free from school until September. You have days they are very bored and you don’t know what to do! So hateful. Well, there is something I can do. I do have some exams in August and I still have to finish my internship report, but you rather won’t sit on that homework. I always say: It’s better to shift some homework until the stress will come. With stress I succeed as the best! Well, we will see.
Such as last Monday was a day I didn’t know what to do! But that changed because I decided going to a friend of mine, Kelly and we did some groceries together and after that we bicycled to the city which only is five minutes away. At the moment the city is a Walhalla of sale! I love the Sale!
I see this period as a challenge. You think the best items are out of sale?? No way!! I will always find some good fashion-items from which I still have a lot of fun.
I bought the belt you see on the pictures. It combined well to my outfit, so I bought it for 5 euro at Zara (sale).
In the afternoon we did some chilling in the back-yard of Kelly’s boyfriend Lars, who is the best friend of my boyfriend Joeri! Kelly and Lars met each other after I’ve been dating Joeri! Funny story actually! Well, yeah! Lars is a very creative boy, he made his back yard himself together with some of his creative friends and he makes paintings as well, very inspiring!
If you are in this garden you feel like you are on a holiday! Somewhere in the south of America! Haha! So I thought this will be an awesome place to make some photos! I was wearing this colourful outfit and Lars’s colourful back-yard made me almost disappear! “Like a chameleon can camouflage itself” haha. Though my outfit was away too colourful for me without wearing black, so I put some black accessories to it. That looks always good;)

 Hat: Monki
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Zara (and self costumized)
Shoes: from the market
Bag: Zara


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