15 juli 2011

I am addicted to coloured nail polish!

Are you addicted to nail polish? You must be if you see these coloured nail polishes in the pictures. It's my own nail polish collection ;) I bought every colour for only 5 NIS in Israel that's about 1 euro each! And the quality?? For that price? Absolutely satisfied! They dry fast, but only last about a couple of days and then I have remove the polish and put on some other colour. Well, I don't mind;) haha.
If you like to have some coloured nail polish go to the store American Apparel or website
http://store.americanapparel.eu/nailpolsn.html  They now have a new Neon Nail Polish collection! Really awesome! And you know? They have colours I still don't have!! So let’s order to expand my nail polish collection!!';) Oh yeah!

xx Val!


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