29 augustus 2011

shoulder cut blouse

It has been a while, but I am back! Oh yeah! haha! Lot of things where going on! first of all I had to cope with an enormously swollen cheek because of the removed wisdom tooth, which made me stay at home for a whole week. Really, If you had seen me, you would say, "Damn", well that was the reaction of my friends who saw me! And secondly my laptop smashed! "He is old" said the computer technician. So I have learned if you use a laptop about 3,5 years, it tends to be old! Well okay! Without a laptop it's not done for a student like me! So I put the step to buy an Apple Macbook, really awesome I must say! 

Then I got this amazing opportunity from Maarten Janse, the distributor of this brand "Eleven Paris"
I was allowed to go to his showroom to choose anything I wanted from the summer 12 collection to make some awesome outfits and to put on my blog! I really like this brand, It is a rockish label, mysterious and a bit provoking. I already have some items in my wardrobe and also for Fall/Winter 2011! Oh Yeah! 
Do you want to know more of this brand? You can go to the website, www.elevenparis.com or follow the Dutch version, www.elevenparisfashion.wordpress.com. 

Today I want to introduce you to the first outfit I picked out from the showroom. This mustard/yellow kind of pants catches my eyes and the blouse, OMG what do I like these openings at the top of the sleeves! 
I combined the clothes with a pair of jeffrey campbell shoes and wanted to show you my new MacBook Air! hihi sorry, but I am so happy with him! ;)

Stay tuned for the rest of the outfits! 


P.s I am staying in Austria at the moment! So, lots of Heidi greetz!! ;)

Blouse: Eleven Paris

Jeans: Eleven Paris
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Jacket: Gio goi
New Gadget: MacBook Air ;)

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  1. que look mas bonito! me encanta

  2. Ouch for the wisdom teeth, I had man taken out about a year ago and it was hell. Congrats on your new macbook, I have one too and I love it, well I am an apple user and nothing else.

    Love the pants, On my way to go check out their website!


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