31 augustus 2011

The second look, Eleven Paris

Hi there! Hope you are doing well?! Today I want to introduce you to the second Eleven Paris look that I put together. I have told you that I was allowed to go to the showroom of EP and that I could choose some cool items that I really liked for my blog. In these pictures I am showing you the black cosy pullover with again openings on the top of the sleeves! I think I just love that "opening" detail form EP for coming seasons! It just looks so interesting and mysterious! And then this tie-dye black and white pants! I think it's just cool to have pants like this in your wardrobe. The pattern of it does stand out and it's easy to combine with other items. And then, the finishing touch! The black and white converse! ;) Hope you like it!

xx, p.s Still in Austria! ;)

Pullover: Eleven Paris
Jeans/pants: Eleven Paris
Shoes: Converse
Black ring: Asos.com
Watch: Nixon

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