11 februari 2012

Outfit: Indian sporty chic

Finally an outfit post again! I have so many great new stuff and it's so frustrated when you not always have the opportunity to make some outfit shots with them. The common reasons why are school or having no photographer at the moment. But you know, when there is an opportunity I grab it with both hands and can't wait then to put it on my blog to share it with you guys! :D Today I wanted the outfit to be unexpected and wanted to use the Indian jewellery that I bought on eBay lately. So what do you think I pretty managed it didn't I? ;)

xx- take care!
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What I'm wearing: 
Coat - Eleven Paris
Blazer - H&M trend (old)
Shirt - Zara new collection
Pants - Asos (sale)
Sneakers - Nike air max
Jewellery - bought on eBay

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing outfit!!!.. Love the combinations with runners!!.. I will follow your blog :)


    Lay & Mitsue


    1. Thank you! GReat to hear! And welcome to my blog! ;) enjoy! xx

  2. Okay I loooove this look. It is so unique and comfy but chic. It's very much Darling! Great Post!
    Darling Bonnie

    1. nice : ) So happy to hear this girl!! kisses!!